At ECCO, safety is our continuing commitment. The entire ECCO organization is safety-conscious, from principals to field workers. And our rigorous safety program with quarterly general meetings and weekly job-site meetings - has reduced accidents to a minimum, and kept projects proceeding smoothly.

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A business is as good as its people, and ECCO has some of the best in the business. With ECCO's diversified talent base of graduate and professional engineers, CPAs, business and management specialists, your project benefits from sound, balanced decisions. ECCO construction employees are well grounded in all project management skills, including estimating, scheduling, cost control, and field supervision before they assume responsibility for a project. By using our own highly experienced field forces, we can ensure performance of our work.

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Conceptual Estimating

ECCO III’s up-to-the-minute, computerized data base of current material and labor prices facilitates efficiency  in estimating the cost impact of concepts and rough sketches in their preliminary stages. Furthermore, when clients are deciding what and how to build, we can steer them toward the most cost-effective alternatives.