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Contract # D258972

Agency:New York State Department of Transportation
Engineer:HDR Engineering
Contract Amount:$97,780,591
Contract Completion:2006
Scope of Work:
The rehabilitation of 2.5 miles of six lane asphalt highway including eight (8) bridges, ramps and retaining walls. The complete removal and replacement of three (3) mainline bridges, including demolition; piles; concrete abutments; precast i-beams; concrete deck; and one (1) mainline structure foundation on drilled shafts. Project also included the complete removal and replacement of two (2) overhead bridges including demolition; concrete abutments; structural steel; and concrete deck. Work for the three (3) overhead bridges consisted of deck resurfacing, superstructures, seismic retrofit, and parapet reconstruction. Two concrete retaining walls and 6,000 feet of precast concrete noise walls supported on drilled shaft foundations, extensive drainage rehabilitation and concrete barrier.