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Contract # 24429

Agency:MTA - Metro-North Railroad
Engineer:Edwards & Kelcey (Jacobs)
Contract Amount:$12,675,000
Contract Completion:2007
Percent Completed By Ecco:50%
Scope of Work:
ECCO III Enterprises, Inc. completed this project as part of the joint venture team, Skanska-ECCO III, JV.
The Harmon Wheel Truing Facility project included the design and construction of a 14,000 square foot wheel truing facility.  The 205 foot long building contains Metro-North Railroad’s first under-floor wheel truing lathe used to service and maintain rail cars.
The design and construction included the provision of all power, air, heating, ventilation and air conditioning to run the wheel truer as well as designing, installing and commissioning the wheel truer. The contract also called for the design and construction of lighting, fire protection and water systems in accordance with local building codes.  The building itself was designed as steel framed with insulated metal wall panels.  The foundation was supported on taper tube piles.  The contract also called for the installation of site and track work in the vicinity of the building.