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ECCO III is Successful Design Builder for MTA C&D on Project A37691 Design-Build Services for Circulation Improvements at Flushing-Main Street Station

Posted on Monday, March 21, 2022 in General News
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The Flushing/Main Street Station, originally constructed in 1928, is a nationally registered historic station, served by the IRT 7-line local train continuously, and the IRT 7-line express train during rush hour periods in the peak direction. Being a major transit and commercial center, the Main Street Station is an extremely congested, heavily trafficked location. This $30 Million Project is designed to alleviate passenger congestion, and to improve circulation and operational capacity at the station. The circulation capacity improvements of this station will be accomplished with the addition of eight (8) new stairwells: four (4) new street-to-mezzanine stairwells and four (4) new mezzanine-to-platform stairwells. Two (2) of the new street-to-mezzanine staircases will be located at the northwestern and southwestern corners of Roosevelt Avenue and Main Street, and two (2) new street-to-mezzanine stairwells will be constructed at the westernmost part of the mezzanine to Roosevelt Avenue, toward Prince Street. The innovative design of the new stairway configurations will ensure a smooth passenger transition from street level to platforms. By reversing the direction of some stairways, this will, in conjunction with the existing stair directions, keep traffic flowing at both street and platform levels and reduce passenger congestion during peak travel times. Modern fare arrays will also add to a streamlined passenger experience.