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Contract # 10-537-REV

Contract Name:

Hutchinson Pump Station Rehabilitation

Agency:Westchester County Department of Public Works
Engineer:Dvirka & Bartilucci Consulting Engineers
Contract Amount:$4,769,000
Award Date:2013
Scope of Work:
This $4.7 million project for the Westchester County Department of Public Works involves the installation of bypass pumping facilities and the maintenance of bypass systems and station operations.  Scope of work included: demolition as required; replacement of sewage pumps and appurtenances; installation of new sewage pump level control systems and control panel systems; installation of new piping, valves and appurtenances; replacement of existing grit collection system and the addition of two (2) grit collection systems, two (2) grit pumps, one (1) grit classifier, one (1) mechanical bar screen, one (1) washer compactor; the replacement of three (3) sluice gates; the installation of new plumbing systems including piping, valves, etc.; site work; painting; and other miscellaneous items.