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Contract # CRO-504

Contract Name:

Reconstruction of Croton Dam Gatehouse No. 2

Agency:New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Engineer:Washington Group International
Contract Amount:$1,441,250
Scope of Work:
This $1.5 Project for the New York City DEP consists of the reconstruction of the New Croton Dam Gate House No. 1, which includes: Providing and installing construction facilities, erosion and sediment control, modifications to the electrical systems, including changing the incoming electrical and telephone lines from overhead to underground, providing a new electric substation with step down transformers and a connection to provide future power to Gate House No. 2 at the north end of the dam, installation of new HVAC systems, removal of the existing paving over the precast roof panels, partial reconstruction of the roof, sealing of the joint between the precast roof panel, application of a waterproof membrane over the roof and site restoration.