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Contract # TANE 06-21

Contract Name:

PCC Concrete Restoration of I-95 and Repair of Four Bridges

Agency:New York State Thruway Authority
Engineer:Baker Engineering, Inc.
Contract Amount:$26,803,901
Contract Completion:2009
Percent Completed By Ecco:80%
Scope of Work:
The pavement restoration of seven (7) miles of I-95 and the repair and restoration of the deck of four bridges. The pavement restoration included rapid setting, patching and complete replacement of pavement panels with precast panels, with all work being performed at night so that the roadway is open to morning rush hour traffic. The bridge deck restoration was done behind barrier in staged construction. The underside of the bridges was also repaired. Repairs include steel replacement, bearing replacement and patching. Upon completion of repairs, the seven (7) miles of roadway was diamond grinded.