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Village Of Monticello Landfill Closure

Contract Name:
Agency:Sullivan County DPW
Engineer:John Kellembeck
Contract Amount:$7,329,390
Contract Completion:2001
Scope of Work:
Project ‘A’ - Capping of the Village of Monticello Landfill Final Cover
This project involved the final closure of an approximate 10 acre landfill in Monticello New York. Work included but was not limited to the following activities; the relocation of waste, the placement of subgrade fills, the placement of low permeability soil, the placement of barrier protection layers and topsoil, installation of 40 mil VFPE liners, perimeter gas and leachate collection and the installation of leachate pump stations and extensive erosion controls, including polymer induced sediment control facilities and the daily placement of cementitious cover for erosion prevention.
Project ‘B’ - Baseliner Cells 4 & 5 Construction
This project involved the construction of two (2) new waste containment cells, covering approximately 13 acres. Work included but was not limited to the following; Excavation of approximately 250,000 CY of soil to establish subgrade, the placement of 55,000 of -7 low permeability soil, the installation of 154,000 SY of 60 mil HDPE liner, the installation of 77,000 SY each of geotextile and geocomposite, the placement of 53,000 CY of drainage stone, the installation of leachate collection systems, including pump stations and valve chambers, the installation of gas piping and the directional drilling of 560’ of HDPE pipe 35’ deep.