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Contract # 876-NP

Contract Name:

Pelham Bay Landfill Remediation

Agency:New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Engineer:Hazen & Sawyer
Contract Amount:$15,398,135
Contract Completion:2001
Scope of Work:
This $15,398,135.00 project consisted of the construction of the complete and final closure of an approximate ninety (90) acre landfill located in the North Bronx. The Pelham Bay Landfill is classified by the NYSDEC as a Class II Inactive Hazardous Waste Site. The principal features of our scope of work included, but were not limited to: the excavation of nearly 200,000 CY of existing cover soil, the relocation of approximately 220,000 CY of waste, the placement of 225,000 CY of select fill to both shape the subgrade and create a 24” thick barrier layer, the installation of HDPE geomembrane liners, geocomposite gas venting layers and drainage layers, and geotextile fabrics, the installation of gas extraction wells, HDPE gas piping and methane during flare system and the placement of 6” of topsoil over the entire landfill including landscaping. Air monitoring was performed daily to ensure the health and safety of not only our workers but the surrounding community as well.