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Contract # 4105

Contract Name:

Croton Point Landfill

Agency:Westchester County Department of Public Works
Engineer:Savin Engineers
Contract Amount:$24,242,000
Contract Completion:1996
Scope of Work:
Completed in June 1996 for the Westchester County Department of Public Works, this $24.2 million project consisted of a 113 acre site. At the time of its construction it was the largest landfill closure project constructed in the State of New York. The project involved the implementation of an extensive site health and emergency response program and a quality assurance/quality control program to carry out the construction project. The construction activities involved: the grading of the 113 acre site; the placement of approximately 331,000 cubic yards of contour grading material which involved coordinating the delivery of 90 to 100 trailer loads of fill material on a daily basis; the installation of the geosynthetic materials above the grading material, which consisted of placing a layer of geocomposite material, the geomembrane liner material and geotextile fabric, each layer consisting of approximately 494,000 square yards of material; and placement of a 12" layer of clean fill (approximately 168,000 cubic yards) topped off with a 6” layer of topsoil (approximately 91,000 cubic yards) above the geosynthetic materials. A gas extraction system consisting of 113-6” PVC gas wells and a gas piping collection system was also installed as the construction of the landfill final cover progressed.