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Contract # HVR-210

Contract Name:Hillview Reservoir Chemical Addition Facilities
Agency:New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Engineer:Hazen and Sawyer
Contract Amount:$847,720,000
Scope of Work:
The Hillview Reservoir, located in Yonkers, New York, is a 90-acre storage reservoir that stores and treats drinking water for distribution in both New York City and Yonkers. The objective of this Project is to update and modernize the reservoir’s facilities to comply with new regulatory requirements, while ensuring the safety of the reservoir’s nearby residential communities. Planned enhancements include improvements to flow control, increased chemical storage capacity, the establishment of new chemical addition facilities and monitoring systems (CAF-North and CAF-South), implementation of a SCADA system, upgrades to electrical infrastructure, deployment of innovative flow measurement systems, and renovation of the existing North Entrance. Furthermore, the project encompasses the replacement of existing chemical feeding and monitoring systems, construction of new roadways to enhance accessibility, and the decommissioning and demolition of obsolete structures to pave the way for modern facilities. The construction of new CAF buildings involves extensive support of excavation, incorporating techniques such as secant piles, soldier piles and lagging, tie backs, as well as substantial earthwork, concrete work, architectural furnishings and finishes, plumbing, mechanical and electrical work.