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Contract # RFB-RC-SWR 2022-06

Contract Name: Union Hill and Tallman Pump Station Upgrade Project
Agency:Rockland County Sewer District No. 1
Contract Amount:$18,476,000
Award Date:2023
DBE / MBE / WBE Goals:20%
Scope of Work:
Located in Ramapo, New York, the scope of work on this project includes the provision of bypass pumping and temporary service at two (2) pump stations. This includes the replacement of four (4) influent pumps each at the Union Hill Pump Station and the Tallman Pump Station, along with the replacement of pump suction and discharge piping, valves, and appurtenances, as well as surge relief valves and their associated piping. Additionally, the project includes replacing screen channel slide gates and wet well slide gates, upgrading instrumentation and control systems, and installing new motor control centers alongside other electrical work. Furthermore, this project involves the replacement of the heating and ventilation system while adding an air conditioning system, along with architectural and structural modifications. Plumbing work will be provided for the Union Hill Pump Station, and the project also entails the removal, replacement and addition of air relief and cleanout valves in the manhole/chambers.