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Contract # D254358

Contract Name:

Rehabilitation Of The Harlem River Drive



Agency:New York State Department of Transportation
Engineer:Goodkind & Odea, Inc.
Contract Amount:$22,822,000
Contract Completion:1998
Percent Completed By Ecco:75%
Scope of Work:
Rehabilitation of the Harlem River Drive between 145th and 155th Street and involved the complete reconstruction of the approaches and viaduct section of the Harlem River Drive. The work involved the phased removal and replacement of the entire concrete deck including a seven hundred foot section over the MTA railyard, miscellaneous steel repairs and replacements. All work over the MTA railyard was fully shielded. The entire Viaduct section was two thousand four hundred and fifty linear feet extending over parking areas and running adjacent to and over a portion of the Harlem River. Also included was the restoration and repair of a shorefront wall, underwater repair of a relieving platform, highway lighting, signs, concrete barrier placement, concrete roadway placement, drainage and New York City park construction. The work was performed in three phases over a period of three years.
ECCO III Enterprises, Inc. was nominated for an AGC/NYSDOT Partnering Award for its performance on Contract No.D254368: The Rehabilitation of the Harlem River Drive.