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Contract # 77355

Contract Name:

Construction Services for the Harmon Facilities and Yard Improvements

Agency:MTA/Metro-North Railroad
Engineer:Jacobs Engineering
Contract Amount:$13,576,000
Award Date:2011
Scope of Work:
This $13.5 Million Dollar Project for the Metro North consists of the rehabilitation of the existing Harmon Main Shop (Facility No. 6), Material Distribution Center (Building #14) and the Maintenance of Way Building (Building #33). Some main areas of work include: roof replacement and repairs, lead and asbestos abatement, temporary and new lighting, demolishing and installing new skylights, repairing parapets and masonry, canopy roof replacement, building façade immediate repair and restoration, removing and or rehabilitating existing upper roof catwalks and ladders, the construction of utility (above ground and underground) as required, removal of contaminated waste, full depth paving of the Tie Storage Yard, Wheel Storage Area and Chirico Street, installation of Bird Control netting at the Wheel Storage Canopy area, design and construction of Wheel Storage Canopy, concrete pad and ramp at the Wheel Storage Area, furnishing and installing fencing and gates, roadways, parking areas trailers and utility service, and all associated work to remove abandoned structures on the premises.