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Contract # 9347

Contract Name:

Rehabilitation Of Bridge Hu 37.01 Over Furnace Creek




Agency:Metro North Commuter Railroad
Engineer:Goodkind & ODea, Inc.
Contract Amount:$1,059,000
Contract Completion:1998
Percent Completed By Ecco:90%%
Scope of Work:
The scope of work for this project included the removal of existing single span riveted steel plate girders and concrete deck superstructure which was replaced with single span, precast, prestressed concrete box beams, stone ballast and a reinforced concrete deck.Also included in the scope of work for this project was the waterproofing of the entire top surface of the reinforced concrete deck.ECCO III had to excavate and drive steel sheeting for the maintenance of railroad track support, adjacent to live mainline tracks, the removal of existing bridge bearings and pedestals which were replaced with elastomeric bearings.ECCO III also increased the bridge seat and backwall thickness where required, repaired cracks, spalls and hollow sounding areas in abutment and wingwall concrete, and also made repairs to concrete surfaces damaged by stream flow.ECCO III was also responsible for the cleaning and painting of the stone masonry on both abutments and the installation of heavy stone fill along the face of both abutments and wingwalls. The installation and subsequent removal of a widening of the existing island platform, at the Cortlandt Station, located at Hudson Milepost 38.40 was handled to maintain commuter service to two tracks at all times.
All of this work was completed seven months ahead of schedule,