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Contract # D900025

Contract Name:

Region 8 Bundled Bridges (Westchester and Orange Counties, NY)

Agency:New York State Department of Transportation
Engineer:McLaren Engineering Group
Award Date:2015
Scope of Work:
ECCO III Enterprises, Inc. was designated by NYSDOT as the best value Design-Builder on the Region 8 Bundled Bridges Project, receiving the highest score on the technical proposal.
The Region 8 Bundled Bridges Project is part of the Scour Critical/Flood Prone Bridge Program, an initiative developed to strengthen New York State’s at-risk bridges to withstand the increasing frequency of severe weather events and storms. The Project aims to improve the hydraulic opening, reduce scour vulnerability and reduce the likelihood that the bridges and adjoining roadways will flood.
The project includes: the superstructure replacement and abutment and pier rehabilitation for one bridge in Orange County; full bridge replacements for four bridges in Westchester County; and one bridge rehabilitation (pipe-lining) for a bridge in Westchester County. 
The largest bridge is the full replacement of the existing bridge that carries the Saw Mill River Parkway over Kisco Avenue in Mount Kisco. This bridge will be widened and lengthened, and will be founded on rock using both drilled mini-piles and driven piles. The bridge will have weathering steel stringers with a cast-in-place concrete deck. Approximately one mile of the Saw Mill River Parkway will be milled and resurfaced and the on/off ramps will be lengthened to improve site distances for safety.
Many of the bridges are located in high-volume corridors where maintenance and protection of traffic and congestion management are of chief concern.  ECCO III’s approach to the Project involved reducing traffic impacts to the greatest extent possible.