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Contract # D258286

Contract Name:

Reconstruction of I-287, Greenburgh

Agency:New York State Department of Transportation
Engineer:Vollmer Associates
Contract Amount:$40,757,303
Contract Completion:2001
Percent Completed By Ecco:80%
Scope of Work:
The complete demolition and reconstruction of three bridges, including two (2) ramps over Route I-287 and one ramp bridge over Route 119. The major work items included staged demolition of the existing concrete decks; structural steel and concrete substructures. Demolition and reconstruction work was performed while maintaining traffic on all three (3) bridges at all times. New construction included driving steel H-piles; soldier piles; lagging and steel sheeting. A redesign of the contract substructure excavation support systems resulted in a substantial saving of time and money. A new noise barrier was constructed that involved extensive foundation drilling, including rock sockets. In excess of fifty thousand cubic yards of rock was blasted and excavated along Route I-287 from cuts as high as one hundred feet. To maintain the contract schedule an extensive amount of work was performed at night including the mainline paving of Route I-287.
ECCO III received the maximum bonus from the New York State Department of Transportation for our ahead of schedule performance on this project.