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Contract # TANY 94-5B

Contract Name:

Rehabilitation of Five Bridges In Rockland County

Agency:New York State Department of Transportation
Engineer:New York State Department of Authority
Contract Amount:$9,850,000
Contract Completion:1997
Percent Completed By Ecco:75%
Scope of Work:
The full rehabilitation of two [2] four [4] lane bridges over the New York State Thruway Interstate 87 [structures 16.75 and 16.56]. This project involved the full rehabilitation of a two [2] lane access bridge over Interstate 87 entrance ramp [structure 16.29]; minor drainage modifications to a bridge over the Interstate 87 [structure 16.44] and the full cleaning and painting of a two [2] lane bridge over the Interstate 87 [structure 16.81]. The full rehabilitation involved staged demolition of the existing concrete deck, modification of structural steel at [structure 16.56], replacement of structural steel with curved girders at [structure 16.75], placement of new concrete deck, membrane waterproofing, asphalt overlay and concrete barrier work including approach work at each structure. All work was accomplished while maintaining traffic both across the structures and on Interstate 87 below. Additional tasks involved complete pier replacement of [structure 16.56] including the use of steel sheeting, temporary bridge support and the offsite repainting of the 16.56 structural steel. Structure 16.56 work also involved the structural lifting of two [2] main girders which could not be removed for offsite painting. Work on structure 16.59 involved the staged demolition of the existing concrete deck, modification of the structural steel, offsite cleaning and painting of the existing structural steel, placement of new concrete deck and barrier installation.
One phase of the work involved the removal of the center pier of structure 16.56 to rock approximately twelve feet below grade in the center of the eight lane New York State Thruway. An existing fiber optic traffic control sign mounted on the fascia girder was required to remain in service at all times.
ECCO III accomplished this task by incorporating the soldier beam and lagging sheeting system at the center pier excavation into a lifting saddle support system for the fascia and first interior girder. This innovative design suspended the girders with sign intact over the New York State Thruway traffic while permitting full deck removal and pier reconstruction.