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Contract # D254611

Contract Name:

Rehabilitation of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway Over Atlantic Avenue

Agency:New York State Department of Transportation
Engineer:New York State Department of Transportation
Contract Amount:$11,837,000
Contract Completion:1998
Percent Completed By Ecco:75%%
Scope of Work:
Phased construction of the eight (8) lane Brooklyn-Queens Expressway over Atlantic Avenue, and the widening of the Cadman Plaza exit ramp from the southbound Brooklyn Queens Expressway. The work at the Cadman Plaza involved the excavation and installation of pin piles and the construction of a curved retaining wall, drainage curb and sidewalk, concrete and asphalt roadway construction. The work at Atlantic Avenue involved the widening of the existing structure in order to accommodate an additional land and shoulder both northbound and southbound. The existing rigid steel structure fascia girders were removed in order to provide access for reinforced concrete abutment extensions over a pin pile foundation. A new fascia girder replaced the existing and a new rigid frame bent was added on each side of the existing structure. The existing concrete deck was demolished and replaced in kind. The existing steel structure was cleaned and painted utilizing a Class B Containment. The work at Atlantic Avenue also involved drainage, lighting, street signal, rail and sign work. Approach work involved concrete pavement, asphalt overlay and concrete barrier installation.