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Contract # D256274

Contract Name:

Reconstruction Of Route 55, Poughkeepsie

Agency:New York State Department of Transportation
Engineer:Baker Engineering
Contract Amount:$24,357,000
Contract Completion:1998
Percent Completed By Ecco:75%%
Scope of Work:
The widening and improvement of two miles of Route 55, the rehabilitation of the Route 55 bridge consisting of six lanes and complete reconstruction of a two lane bridge over the Wappingers Creek. The project also included the demolition of two railroad structures, one over Route 55 and a two hundred foot concrete arch structure over the Wappingers Creek. The project also included water, sewer and extensive drainage (25,000 lf) improvements. Curb and sidewalk construction, brick paver, complete highway reconstruction including seventy thousand cubic yards of subbase and eighty five thousand tons of asphalt. Other aspects of the roadwork included one hundred eighty thousand cubic yards of excavation and building demoition with asbestos abatement.The Route 55 bridge included the phased replacement of the existing steel and concrete superstructure with pretensioned concrete beams and concrete overlay. The bridge abutments were extended on both sides, and constructed of reinforced concrete steel H-piles. The existing abutments were underpinned utilizing pinpiles.
The two lane bridge over the Wappingers Creek was completely demolished and reconstructed on H-piles, concrete abutments, cofferdams, structural steel and concrete deck superstructure, ECCO III performed the H-pile work.
Due to the extensive interferences which occurred on this project, ECCO III was forced to redesign the entire construction phasing and traffic control efforts in order to maintain production. The New York State Department of Transportation acknowledged ECCO III’s efforts in this regard through a letter of commendation