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Wards Island Screenings Grit & Grease Handling Facility

Contract Name:
Agency:NYC Dept of Environmental Protection
Contract Amount:$5,509,100
Scope of Work:
Construction of a Sprung Structure Building and an Odor Control Exhaust System. The project was designed to purify the escaping odors from the screenings and grits that were generated and removed from the treatment plant and would be stockpiled on the floor of the Sprung Structure Building before being loaded and hauled to a disposal site.
The site-work for this project involved the testing and regulated disposal of all excavated soils, the installation of site sanitary, drainage, water and utility systems to support the new facility; the installation of several reinforced concrete foundations were constructed for the Sprung Structure Building, the Odor Control Exhaust System Pad, the Utility Building and the Exhaust Stack Pad; installation of computerized truck scales; the installation of concrete sidewalks, asphalt paving and landscaping.
The installation of the Sprung Structure Building and Odor Control System required final testing of the completed system for compliance with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Requirements.