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Contract # D900047

Contract Name: Hunts Point Interstate Access Improvement Project-Contract 1
Agency:NYS Department of Transportation Region 11
Engineer:JMT of New York Inc.
Contract Amount:$0
Scope of Work:
For this pursuit, ECCO III Enterprises, Inc. was involved in a Joint Venture – Skanska ECCO III HPA JV. The Department has been working to initiate the Hunts Point Access Improvement program for many years. Contract 1 will set the stage for future success of the program in significantly upgrading access between the Hunts Point Peninsula and the Sheridan and Bruckner Expressways, all while addressing structural and operational deficiencies in this area. This corridor is a key access route for commercial trucking to and from the Hunts Point Food Distribution Center, one of the largest food distribution facilities in the world. A key goal of the Project is to get this truck traffic off the local streets. Hunts Point is also home to a vibrant, culturally diverse community of South Bronx residents. There are substantial safety concerns with the current configuration, including inadequate pedestrian crossings and protections, high vehicular crash rates, and deficient structures over Amtrak/CSX. Contract 1 requires completion of the majority of the work impacting the Amtrak/CSX railways which will be the primary schedule driver on the Project. Completing this work safely and on schedule, with least impact to rail operations, is a central focus.