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Contract # 9543

Agency:MTA - Metro North Railroad
Engineer:CTE Engineers, Inc.
Contract Amount:$17,298,907
Contract Completion:2005
Percent Completed By Ecco:47%
Scope of Work:
Rehabilitation of five Metro North platforms/stations on the Harlem Line from the Wakefield Station in Bronx County to the North White Plains Station in Westchester County. Some of the major improvements at four of the five stations included the following: removal and replacement of the existing roofing; concrete decks; steel floor beams; staircase treads for the pedestrian overpasses; performing of structural steel and concrete repairs to the overpasses and staircases; new steel; canopy extensions; new windows for the overpasses and staircases; lead paint abatement; painting the existing platform canopies and overpasses; upgrade of the electric service; new lighting and heaters for the overpasses and staircases; new HVAC system for office area; jacking main girders of overpasses for installation of new bridge bearings with new concrete abutment seats and backwalls; new passenger shelters; platform amenities and site restoration. At the Wakefield Station, temporary platforms with temporary staircases and canopies were constructed so that the existing platforms, platform supports and steel staircases could be completely demolished and replaced in their entirety. The reconstruction also included all new platform canopies; passenger shelters; platform and staircase lighting; new electrical service; foundation and walkway for future elevators; windows for new staircases and all platform amenities.