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ECCO III Successful Bidder on Two Lower Hudson Transit Link Projects!

Posted on Friday, May 25, 2018 in General News
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ECCO III Enterprises, Inc. has been awarded two New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Contracts (D263682 & D263687), with a combined value of approximately $65 million to construct and implement various improvements along the I-287 corridor in conjunction with the completion of the Mario Cuomo Bridge.

The NYSDOT-sponsored Lower Hudson Transit Link is a NYS-sponsored program of integrated projects that support traffic, transit and safety improvements in Rockland and Westchester Counties via technology implementations and transportation strategies to deliver reliable and improved travel in the I-287 corridor. The overall program is guided by the goal of addressing current operational needs as well as future demands on the system while maximizing existing infrastructure to: “improve the availability, accessibility, and quality of transit service in the Lower Hudson Valley; increase access to jobs, housing, and other transportation options; and increase the attractiveness, utilization and quality of local transit and the regional inter-county network of transit services.” (Lower Hudson Transit Link Phase I, New York State,

The program makes use of Integrate Corridor Management (ICM), which uses sensors to collect real-time traffic information that is used to manage the network with greater efficiency by controlling traffic flow and congestion through remote signal timing control, ramp metering, and traveler notifications. The program also includes various improvements that address accessibility and safety for bicyclists and pedestrians in the network.